So is it our turn now?

Hey there, been a while. Kinda busy with studying and a lot of stuff.

For this new project, we… pick it up for no special reason really. Well mostly because it’s an anniversary for tatsunoko  aaaaand. Well just that…

Aside from that, this show is actually quite good, with tatsunoko animation skill and that nostalgic parodies like they always do. Great job with this I must say.

Whilst I do say that there’s parodies and stuff, we don’t put a TL note for the parodies. Good luck finding what it is.

And I got hooked on this song, so Imma just gonna share it here

So here it is : Satu Serangan Menuju Sasaran!! Devander

(Never got tired on translating the title to indonesian)

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I finally finished!!

Heya everyone it’s been a really long time isn’t it? (2 month what gives)

Sorry been kinda busy those past few days, but now I managed to finished it all in one go. Thanks for everyone who support me, even if you only commented here and there. That means a lot, seriously.

It was a good show for me, but I don’t quite like the ending as it leaves something hanging inside of me. Soo anyway I hope you enjoy this show just as much I enjoy subbing it.

See you all soon~

Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (better late than never)

EP 24, 25, 26

and for you people who’ve already downloaded the raw or something and just wanted the subs, here you go

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It’s Been So Long That I Forgot How To Use This


here’s eps 23

Aaand I don’t know what else to talk about, alright for the film. IMHO it’s getting great up till now and we’re almost there
Still hoping for the best climax and ending thou
Let’s just hope that I can finish this as soon as possible

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Episode 22

Hey there, been a while huh? Almost a month.

For everyone who’s been asking me, as I said before I won’t drop this show. It’s just that I’m a bit busy lately, with my family and tests.

So anyway here’s Eps 22. And I’m working on eps 23 now~

I don’t expect to see lines like this in a show like this

This racist line is actually quite good and I like it

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